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How to join the Club
« on: February 29, 2016, 04:39:44 AM »
For all that are on here thinking of joining back have not. I will have a info page going together. Right now all the info is in the By-Laws but is wordy, for this I apologize.

The quick and short of it. Need to attend 2 trail outings, 1 meeting, have a current Club member sponsor you. Cost $100 first year and $75 each year after. That covers, your GLFWDA membership, Tread Lightly and a pair of Club logo stickers.

If your already a GLFWDA member your $40 to them per year will get prorated, and the $100 1st year will be reduced.

You can also e-mail the Club direct at for more information.

You can also message me here. I do my best to get back to anyone who messages me with in 24 hours.